Robert Garcia Says Chaves Deserves A Rematch And Rios Wants To Give Him One


    Screenshot_2014-08-05-11-39-04_1-300x221If Saturday night’s fights are still on your mind and if you are still disgusted with the way the main event ended you may get a chance to relive that fight and see it through to the end. Robert Garcia, trainer of Brandon Rios has stated that Rios would like a rematch and that Chaves deserves it.

    “Rios is not happy and he knows many people are not happy with the results and he has told me that he wants the rematch,” said Garcia. “we know Chavez is a great boxer and he deserves the rematch. I know that many Argentinians are disgusted and we can assure them that we will give him a rematch.”

    As entertaining as the first fight was, the second one should be more explosive and have more drama. I for one cannot wait.