Roman Gonzalez Ecstatic About Possibly Matching Alexis Arguello’s Record


    Roman Gonzalez is one title fight away from becoming the second ever Nicaraguan to win three world titles in three different divisions. That is a feat that was accomplished by Alexis Arguello who is hailed as being the greatest fighter to ever fight from the Central American country.

    Arguello is an inspiration to Nicaraguan fighters, especially Gonzalez. Gonzalez has been recently ranked either number one or number two in most of the sanctioning bodies pretty much guaranteeing Gonzalez a shot to match Arguello’s record but for him it seems like he is fighting for his first championship all over again.

    “For me it’s a blessing to be almost close to Alexis Arguello,” said Gonzalez. “It’s obvious I am not going to be like him but we’re following in his steps. It motivates me even more to be close to Alexis. I’m happy because I have taken care of what God has given me now more than ever. I am training hard every day because I know fights are going to be more difficult this year.”

    Gonzalez continued, “I feel like it was my first chance to win a title and that’s my dream. I know when the day comes and I get the chance I will have my hand raised and it will be in the name of God for he will give me strength.”

    Gonzalez next fights on February 15th against Juan “Loquito” Kantun in Mexico.