Roman Gonzalez On His Training Camp For Yaegashi Title Fight


    Screenshot_2014-08-05-09-46-36_1-244x300Roman Gonzalez will be leaving Nicaragua on August 16th and head straight to Japan to finish off his training camp which has been mainly held in his home country for his upcoming bout with Akira Yaegashi. So far the preparation has gone to his liking but he is not under estimating his opponent for taking him lightly.

    “My camp is going good and I am very happy with my team,” said Gonzalez. “I thank God that my training is going well and I have faith in God that I will win the fight. My sparring partners are trying to imitate Yaegashi’s hook and I am trying very hard to be able to cut the ring off and avoid the punches that Yaegashi usually connects on his opponents.”

    The hook is a strong weapon for the Japanese fighter but Gonzalez does not see a weakness in him and feels that his physical conditioning will secure him the victory.

    “I do not see weakness in Yaegashi. He is a complete boxer and he is very strong. I know that I have enough physical condition to beat him and it is going to be a very good fight.”