Is Roman Gonzalez Still Pound-for-Pound?


    What makes a fighter the best pound-for-pound in the world? Is it the opposition he beats? Is it his record? Is it his skill-set or his ability to destroy everyone that steps foot in the ring with him?

    Everyone has an idea on what makes a fighter the top pound-for-pound. Everyone has their own opinion as well as who should be the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

    Yesterday, many boxing fans and members of the boxing press considered Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world before he faced off against Mexico’s Carlos Cuadras. After the fight, many people started to question if Gonzalez should be the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. There are mixed views on that issue but I know in my heart and believe that Gonzalez’ performance last night was even more proof as to why he should remain the pound-for-pound king.

    Roman Gonzalez Brian ViloriaGonzalez had the toughest fight of his career and his face showed it. A good reason for that happening is the move up in weight. Gonzalez moved up from 112 pounds to 115 pounds and to some people that may not seem like much but in the fight game, it makes a total difference. He was fighting at the heaviest weight he has ever fought at against a heavier opponent.

    This was no ordinary opponent, though; it was one of the highly touted champions of the division. Gonzalez faced a lot of adversity with the movement and quickness of Cuadras but he dealt with it and outworked the bigger man.

    The odds makers probably had a big part in the questioning of Gonzalez status as the pound-for-pound king since they had him as a clear favorite to beat Cuadras due to his reputation and it really worked against him after the fight was said and done.

    Gonzalez skill-set, his ability to take a punch and fight on against a top heavier opponent, and the fact that he beat the champion should add more to the fact that he is the pound-for-pound king.

    So what he had an off night? You look at some of the past pound-for-pound fighters not all of their performances were stellar (example: Mayweather in the first fight with Marcos Maidana). To discredit Gonzalez because of one fight is absurd. As he has done more than enough beating fighters and going up in weight to further challenge himself and to not turn down the opportunity to fight other top fighters is the qualities of a pound-for-pound king should possess.