Roman Gonzalez To Face Yaegashi On Sept. 6, Carlos Blandon Named New Manager


    Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez is one step closer to realizing his dream of winning world titles in three different weight classes which is an accomplishment that only one other Nicaraguan has done. The champion Roman will face, Akira Yaegashi.

    The bout is scheduled to take place on September 6th in Japan which is good news for the Nicaraguan fighter whom has tried getting a fight with Yaegashi for quite some time now.

    The news came to Roman from his newly appointed manager Carlos Blandon whom Roman and Teiken Promotions are berry happy to work with.

    “Carlos will be the one that will be working as my manager from this day forward,” said Gonzalez. “He will guide me. He may not be an expert in boxing but for that I have Teiken Promotions. He is my advisor and in Japan they believe in him. Teiken Promotions is happy and that’s what matters.”

    For Blandon it is an honor to be representing such a great champion and friend and he is sure that things will continue to get better for his fighter but for now the focus is on Yaegashi.

    “I am very happy with Romans decision, and I am sure the best is yet to come,” said Blandon. “I have faith God will help us bring home (Nicaragua) many more victories. Right now our main focus is the fight against Yaegashi. Roman is dreaming about that green and gold belt.”