Ronnie Shields Says Chavez Has To Show Up and Put up Against Vera


Back in September of last year Ronnie Shields trained fighter Brian Vera (23-7 14KOs), walked in the ring as an opponent, in what turned out to be a almost a cruiserweight fight based on the weight that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (47-1-1- 32KOs) entered the ring at that night.  Nothing was going to stop Vera from upsetting the apple card and walking away with the victory, not weight, not hype, and not nervous. Although Vera did enough in my mind to win and virtually everyone else who was able to see that fight. Everyone but the always reliable judges of course. Vera was robbed, and not one judge awarded him the victory. But because Chavez has taken his place as boxing periah, it should not come to a surprise that fans lined up behind Vera to defend him and force Chavez’ hand in making the fight.

Shields feels that he prepares his fighters to be the best they can. When Vera walked away with the proverbial “Moral Victory”, the Chavez camps although they feel they won, started to make excuses and why another fight would be different.

Shields stated, “In their minds Chavez wasnt ready last time but this time he is going to be ready.”Shields continued to say, “Brian Vera is a guy that since I have been training him, is a guy who takes his fights very very seriously. He took the last fight very serious and he won. Of course but we didn’t get the decisions.”

Chavez has a big name in the sport and with that comes the money. Early last week talks start to circulate the WBA Super Middleweight titleist Carl Froch would like his crack at Chavez. Which is leaving many people asking the most obvious of questions; Why talk about a fight in the future when you have a fight coming up that many think you already lost the first time around?. Although a fight with Froch is looming for Chavez should he win this fight, Shield’s feel like last time they shouldn’t count their eggs before they hatch.

“They can make all the fights that they want to make for Chavez Jr that doesn’t make a difference. He still has to fight Brian Vera on March 1st. That’s signed, sealed, and delivered. So he has to show up and he has to put up!”

The phrase “Innocent until proven guilty” applies to almost all people and scenarios except for when it comes to Chavez making his weight. In the past Chavez has shown that between camps his weight reaches almost as high as 200lbs and with the spectacle he showed last time Shields is unsure of the weight penalties but adds that not his job.

“We are not worry about the weight that he may make, we are worrying about the weight we signed for,” stated Shields.