Rosado “People talk shit about Floyd, But You ain’t making $30,000,000 a fight”

908 recently grabbed Philadelphian junior middleweight Gabriel Rosado (21-9, 13KO’s) outside a laundromat on a sunny day to discuss who he thinks would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr, who currently stands at 47-0.

“I think Floyd could beat anyone in his weight class, at [], I think he could beat anyone in his weight class. I’m saying that if I think he goes in the upper weight classes and fights the elite guys at an upper weight class, that could be a problem. I think at 47 man he can beat anyone, I think he beats Pacquiao.”

Floyd has ventured upwards to the junior middleweight class on three occasions for the Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Saul Alvarez fights, and the extra weight didn’t seem to trouble him much. Though all three were former welterweights.

So even at 37 years of age, Rosado still has Mayweather beating young(er) guns like IBF champion Kell Brook, WBA champ Keith Thurman, Sean Porter, Amir Khan and Tim Bradley. That’s an impressive line-up of studs to overcome, and with his time in the sport surely inching to a close Mayweather, with his name and status as one of the best around, represents a tasty morsel for this young pack of wolves.

But as much as any one of those match-ups would be gladly received, the fight we all want to see would, of course, would be against Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines. Floyd has received a lot of flak for that fight failing to materialize as he is perceived as holding total power over who he fights and is not beholden to the whims of a promoter. Rosado feels that people who criticize Floyd and his decisions aren’t able to fully empathize with being in such a rare position, a position well earned over years and years of flawless toil.

“There’s so much money on the line; he’s guaranteed so much money to fight anybody else, and it’s like you know, I know everybody wants the Pac fight but, you can only really be in his shoes to understand that shit. A lot of people talk shit about Floyd,  but it’s like, ‘What the fuck? You ain’t making $30,000,000 a fight guaranteed, so you really don’t know.”

A businesslike and understandable aspect of why the May-Pac fight hasn’t happened yet. If he is getting silly money regardless, he can fight who he likes. Mayweather is so far out of the realm where he needs to worry about feeding his family, about paying his bills, about anything that remotely involves his finances. He is one of the highest paid athletes on the face of this planet, and his is still plying his trade. So while he continues to fight, his battles represent more than however much he is earning on the night. In his last few years lacing up the gloves Mayweather’s actions will determine how he is remembered, his place in the sport.

“Me personally I’d have been fought Pacquiao if I was in his shoes cuz it’s not always about money. Of course, I’m trying to take care of my family, but your legacy means something you feel me? If you want to go down as one of the best, you gotta fight that fight.”

If Mayweather wishes his ’TBE’(The Best) mantra to ring true, he must face the man who represents his biggest challenge. It doesn’t matter if Mayweather is well capable of beating him, or if he’s beaten better fighters in the past, or if Pacquiao got knocked cold by Marquez a couple of years ago. It doesn’t matter. Pacquiao is regarded as his most imposing obstacle, and if Mayweather overcomes him in his usual dominant fashion, it will be difficult to argue when he claims to be one of the greatest to do it.