Roy Jones On Broner-Spadafora and Spadafora’s Future


    ThaBoxingVoice – Yesterday we spoke to Joe Horn and Mark Youngtel. We also spoke to the manager of Emmanuel Taylor and Emmanuel Taylor’s manager informed us that Taylor will not be taking the Broner fight, and that in fact, he had gotten word from Pittsburgh that they needed 140lbs (Jr Welterweight) sparring partners because Paul Spadafora was getting the Broner fight. You being the promoter, I just wanted to know if you could shed any light to that?

    Roy Jones –I can’t really shed full light to it but we are in talks with them now, It’s a fight we definitely would like for Paul, because Paul needs to take a shot right now before he loses interest in the sport again. So now is the time to take the shot, and if we can get a Broner fight we’re definitely up for it. We’ll be first in line to jump on a fight like that.

    TBV – Now just to be clear, you said there are negotiations in process but nothing is cemented correct?

    Roy Jones – Nothing is cemented, but there are negotiations in process, yes.

    TBV – Now, has there been any negotiations as far as which network, would it be on your home of HBO or would it be over on Showtime?

    Roy Jones – No, that is still in negotiations as of yet, as of matter of fact, I think Broner still has a deal with Showtime, I’m not sure. So that’s not clear yet.

    TBV – Now, if this doesn’t come to fruition for Paul, what other directions are you looking at?

    Roy Jones – Anybody that has a title shot, like I really wanted Robert Guerrero. For Paul, if this thing doesn’t come through, because I think Guerrero’s a good fight for him. I always said that those are the 2 fighters I want to see in the ring together, Paul Spadafora vs. Robert Guerrero because they fight so much alike. So if this fight doesn’t come through, I’d really like to see if I could try and get him in the ring with The Ghost. Nothing against The Ghost I just like the Ghost so much, I’m a fan of The Ghost, like I stated they fight so much alike, I’d just like to see those 2 guys. That’s a fight like the last fight that Gamboa had with Crawford. That’s a fight that I just would love to sit down and watch because it’s going to be such a great fight.

    TBV – So you’re not at all worried about the disadvantage for Paul Spadafora in weight?

    Roy Jones – No not at all, Robert Guerrero is just like Paul, they both came from lower weight classes already, and so it doesn’t make a difference.

    TBV – Well Roy that’s all I really needed to know, I thank you again for taking this phone call and Tha Boxing Voice appreciates you.

    Roy Jones – Alright thank you brother I appreciate it.