Roy Jones Predicts Easy Mayweather Victory Over Maidana in Rematch


    Tha Boxing Voice recently caught up with Roy Jones Jr and when asked for his prediction on the Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana rematch he simply replied “Mayweather gonna beat him up again”, before smirking at the camera and walking away.  

    An interesting choice of words considering that their first bout was undoubtedly one of Mayweathers toughest to date.  Perhaps by being dismissive of “El Chino’s” chances Roy is just showing loyalty to his employers at HBO. 

    After the first fight, in which Floyd won via a majority decision “Money” was very vocal in stating that the only reason the fight was competitive was because he wanted it to be exciting for the fans.  
    If that’s the case then surely he wont want to leave any question marks and will choose to fight differently the second time around, if he does so we could see a repeat of his dominating performances against guys like Guerrero and Alvarez. 
    However the question has to be asked, did he really chose for the fight to be so close, or at 37 is his age finally beginning to catch up with him? Mayweather maybe undefeated, but so too is father time and it’s record is much better than 46-0.