Mayweather Hopes For A Cleaner Fight in The Rematch With Maidana


The fight is official, but the talking is far from done, as the rematch from May of Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs Marcos “Chino” Maidana is set to take place in the same setting as the 1st, inside MGM Arena, in Las Vegas, on September 13th. Just like in the 1st matchup, both Floyd and Chino are doing their usual tour dates to promote the fight. On Monday that tour started in Times Square in New York City where 1 of the topics that came up was the style that Maidana used in the 1st fight. The wild punches that came from every angle, but it according to Floyd, it went a little far.

“Low blows, rabbit punches, head butts, kneeing, in the sport of boxing, of course we know it’s a brutal sport, but let’s keep it clean” said Mayweather, as he described what he said he had to go through in the 1st fight. When Floyd was asked if he was concerned about the ref in this fight, as if he will allow some of the things that Floyd said was done in the 1st fight, Floyd responded, “As far as rabbit punches behind the head, just keep it clean. After, when you in a heated battle, you going to be a little sore, but like I always say, it comes with the territory.”

Floyd was again questioned about the referee from the 1st fight with Maidana. “I don’t have anything to say negative about the ref the 1st time. He could have had an off night. He’s only human. I don’t have nothing bad to say about the ref. He done his job, but we’re all human. He can have a bad night. Do I think he should still be able to ref? Absolutely, let’s talk about how many times he’s ref’d and done a tremendous job. So his good outweighs his bad. So I don’t have anything negative to say about the ref. He done his job, he saw what he saw, and he had an off night” stated Floyd.

When asked how he plans to combat the go all out wild style of Maidana this time, with the question trying to find out if Floyd is willing to push the limits, as he did against Victor Ortiz, Floyd said, “No, I still have to be a gentleman at the end of the day and carry myself in an orderly fashion and carry myself like a true gentleman.” Floyd, when asked about if he can see a DQ, he said “Hopefully not. We don’t want that, even the 1st time around, I’m glad he didn’t get disqualified. After going back home and watching, it was kind of funny actually.”

All in all, it looks like we will be in for another crazy 12 rounds of action. A few fans have already expressed not being happy with the fight, but with so many people feeling the 1st fight was close and a few even saying they thought Maidana won, this is a well-deserved rematch. Floyd has not done rematches too much in his career, that was after a controversial close win against Jose Luis Castillo, another fight that a lot of people said Floyd lost. In the rematch Floyd won it more convincingly. This is also Maidana’s 2nd rematch, as early in his career he stopped Sergio Javier Benitez twice in the 3rd round in a 1 year span.

I don’t expect Maidana to change his tactics for the 2nd fight, as the only way to beat the Philly Shell defense by Mayweather is to throw semi-wild looping punches. Floyd will have to adjust and either get close enough that the punches won’t have the same steam or move enough that he’ll miss badly. Either way, as I said before, this rematch was well deserved by Maidana and now he gets a 2nd crack to either shock the world or, we’ll be seeing 47-0, enjoy the fight.