Ruslan Provodnikov: “The Alvarado Fight Is Most Important And Will Decide The Rest Of My Career.”


“I said it right away. I always fight in people’s backyard. It makes the win more prideful and that much sweeter. We’re preparing to get to Denver 2-3 weeks before the fight and I don’t think the thin air and altitude will have any effect on me because we are considering that factor. I’m ready to fight the best anywhere and I’m sticking to my words.”

Those were the words of a very confident man. A man that goes by the name Ruslan Provodnikov; a man that was written off as never being close to competing with the elite in the sport. That same man doesn’t care about putting his life on the line as he did against Tim Bradley. He told us he was willing to do it again come October 19th. He also doesn’t care about fighting another war or even going into enemy territory and fighting in high altitude. Why? “I want to fight the best. It’s definitely part of my dream to get the big fights like Marquez or Pacquiao (even though the share the same trainer). I want to fight the best. I’m focused on Mike Alvarado. This is the fight that will decide my career and if  I win, the dream of fighting those guys, Marquez, Pacquiao or even fighting a Bradley rematch is possible,” Provodnikov explained.

For people that have followed his career, Provodnikov fights are usually entertaining. We’ve seen him man the stations on ESPN2 giving us countless action packed fights. He certainly did the same when fighting Timothy Bradley. This will be his second consecutive appearance on HBO, but is the pressure on him to keep delivering the action?

“After a fight like that, I don’t want to disappoint the fights. The fans are going to be expecting a fight of the year type of fight. But I’m not worried. I’m prepared for this fight 200% and I’m not worried because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be another candidate for fight of the year. Two fighters like me and mike Alvarado will make a great fight,” stated Provodnikov.

Even though Rios-Alvarado 2 was an action fight, Alvarado picked his spots when to exchange after almost being stopped in the second round. It was much more a difference from the first time they fought. Some say the same fate Rios suffered in the rematch, is in line for Provodnikov.

“I’m sure it’s going to be a factor and they think a good way to box me is to move around. But that’s what everyone tries to do with me and my team is prepared for that. Freddie is a great trainer that’s going to prepare me for whatever mike Alvarado brings, whether it’s the brawling or boxing that he’s showed in both Brandon Rios fights.”

While there might be a pseudo Top Rank tournament going on with Mike Alvarado, Tim Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao and himself, who are seemingly going to be mixed and matched for the few next fights, Provodnikov (who is promoted by Banner)  still keeps his eye on the other side, Golden Boy. He is more than willing to fight the best over there.

“They’re not from a different planet; they’re just different promoters so we can make the fights happen. All I want to see I want to fight the best. If they’re open to fighting me, I’ll fight them. Nothing is impossible,” said Provodnikov.

Imagine a fight with Provodnikov and Lucas Matthysse or Marcos Maidana, war! For now, he is ready for his war in the altitude of Denver with Mike Alvarado.


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