Sam Watson Believes Danny Garcia Is ‘The One’ Who Deserves to Face Mayweather


    Sam Watson is a face many recognize, but a name that few know. Often regarded as “that guy who is always in the corner of the champions”, Watson has developed a bit of a reputation as a type of hype-man and caretaker to the fighters. With his years of tending to fighters, Watson has developed a knowledge and opinion of the sport that tends to be worth listening to.

    Even before the Mayweather-Alvarez bout, Watson has had to deal with questions surrounding who Floyd would face next should he emerge victorious against the fierce young Mexican. What was once playful banter has now become a legitimate concern. With Mayweather absolutely dominating Alvarez, Mayweather managed to put a brief pause in the skyrocketing career of one of the sports brightest and most profitable young stars. It was the type of dominance that leads many to question the chance of any future Mayweather opponent. The choices may seem slim, but to Watson at least there are choices.

    “[Who Floyd fights next] is a good question. Danny Garcia is right there, but they may have to find somebody to shrink in weight. It’s going be fantastic though.”

    This statement provides another interesting thought. Just how far would Mayweather be willing to go in order to capitalize on the momentum set by his most recent outing against Alvarez. Would he be willing to take on a surging, but still fairly unknown fighter in Danny Garcia, or would he be willing to pack on more weight and take on Sergio Martinez for the middleweight belt? It’s certainly a conundrum, but one that is worth discussing.

    With Martinez, Floyd has a man who is widely recognized as the best middleweight in the world. If that alone wasn’t appealing enough, Mayweather can capitalize on the fact that Martinez is also one of the smallest fighters at 160-pounds. Martinez’ willingness to fight the best and the age factor make this fight winnable, but still appealing enough to all types of fans. Question is whether Mayweather would be willing to take another step up in weight after having such a hard time keeping weight on for his junior middleweight bout against Alvarez. Still, it’s a fantasy match-up that will undoubtedly fuel countless debates and feed fruitless dreams. Watson however remains confident in his fighter’s chances.

    “That would be great if things worked out like that. Floyd would whoop up on him.

    Floyd’s only other option at the moment seems to be the hard punching, junior welterweight champion, Danny Garcia. Garcia recently showcased his talents on the co-main event of the Mayweather-Alvarez card in a decision win of Lucas Matthysse. Garcia not only managed to defend his title, but in defeating the man many considered the #2 140-pounder in the world, he proved to be a legitimate threat and talent in the sport of boxing. In Garcia, Mayweather doesn’t have to deal with issues of weight. As is, Garcia is already talking of moving up to 147-lbs. Even if the weight issues aren’t there, the issue of monetary gain sure is. Danny Garcia is a fighter who is still building his image, and is still rather unknown to the American public. Would Floyd really be able to hit Alvarez-like numbers in a pay-per-view that would solely be carried by his name and brand? It’s doubtful, but there is no denying that Garcia is as real as any fighter comes.

    “Danny deserves to fight him. Danny’s knocked everybody out, Amir Khan, and everybody else. One day, Danny deserves to fight him. Maybe not the next fight, but somewhere around then Danny deserves to get him.”

    Until Floyd formally announces his opponent for May, all people can do is take part in the national guessing game. With every option having as many pros as they do cons, all the public can do is hope and pray that whatever match-up ends up being announced that it ends up being one that can grab a hold of the nation’s attention like Mayweather’s bout with “Canelo” Alvarez did.

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