Saul Alvarez Begins Rehabilitation Process


    Canelo AlvarezCredit: Photograph by James Michelfelder & Therese SommersethSaul Alvarez was set to make his HBO debut against Joshua Clottey on Dec.6 of this year, but suffered an ankle injury during training, which brought a cancellation to the fight. There was some speculation of Canelo’s injury being a farce. People began believing the fight was going to receive major backlash for taking place, and Golden Boy would have rather pursued a Canelo-Cotto bout next year. Clottey believed he was too big of a risk for Canelo, and might have ruined Golden Boy’s future plans with the Mexican star.

    Alvarez did not address any of these matters questioning the legitimacy of his injury, until he posted a video on Instagram two weeks ago getting treatment from a doctor. Now he has recently posted another picture via Instagram, stating he is finally undergoing the rehabilitation process. It has been a little over a month since his injury which means he probably experienced a 2nd degree sprain. There are no visible signs of an ankle brace, or any sort of compression, which means he should be back to full strength in a matter of weeks.