Sean Gibbons Tells Victor Conte: SNAC On My Nuts!


    Victor Conte has been a controversial figure in sports since his BALCO days. He provided many athletes with PEDs including the likes of Shane Mosley.

    Conte was under investigation by Jeff Novitzky (who has gone on to drug test for UFC among other things) and when all was said and done Conte was sentenced to four months in prison and four months of home confinement.

    Since his release, Conte has “promised” to clean up sports and has been noted as having a close relationship with VADA. VADA testing will be used for the fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Manny Pacquiao and according to Conte neither of them has enrolled yet for testing.

    “My understanding is @MannyPacquiao & @ErrolSpenceJr are still NOT enrolled in VADA testing. Errol did 12 weeks with Mikey. Manny did commission testing only for Thurman. Why does Manny seem to refuse VADA,” stated Conte via Twitter.

    Conte also went on to ask if Meme Heredia was involved in advising Pacquiao as Memo and Sean Gibbons seem to have a close relationship.

    This did not go well with Gibbons who went straight at Conte.

    “When you need some steroids call this tool,” Tweeted Gibbons. “Also he sells used cars that run on HGH! Best deals in the Bay Area! And SNAC on my Nuts!”

    Conte and Heredia have gone after each other publicly in the past and it seems like anyone that is close with either side is fair game. The more you talk and involve people the more you’re going to have come your way. Gibbons could have gone a lot harder on Conte but Twitter is only limited to so many characters and I’m sure Gibbons was holding some restraint in his response.