Sergey Kovalev’s Difficult Journey


    kovalev_sharp1-530x317Sergey Kovalev has experienced a difficult road leading into this much anticipated bout against Bernard Hopkins. Kovalev stated, “I can think back and remember everything from early in my career, but I don’t want to do that. It was often very terrible and it was hard to get to this stage and this place.”

    Kovalev refers to the time he was dealing with financial hardships due to the fact no one wanted to sign the “Krusher.” He explained, “I was searching around for any promoter but no one would sign me. I fought for three years for free. Egis Klimas paid for everything when I was starting out, my opponents, my clothes and my food.”

    Kovalev in the HBO 24/7 series discussed how he wouldn’t have continued his boxing career if his son was born in those particular stages of the career. He felt he wasn’t earning enough money to support the newest member of his family.

    Fortunately for Kovalev, his raw power and boxing abilities finally caught the attention of a promoter. He stated, “In 2013, Kathy Duva signed me, and my career has gotten much better.”

    Now a year later, he gets the opportunity of a lifetime to square off against an active living legend in Bernard Hopkins. This fight has drawn the attention, and financial security he dreamt of when he began his pro boxing career. Kovalev explained, “This fight is a great opportunity for me to create my history for me and my family. When my son grows up he will be able to look at me and say, ‘That is my father.’ He can see that I did it for him.”