Shaw: “Jennings Could Be This Generation’s Buster Douglas”



When news hit boxing world that Roc Nation was going to buyout Gary Shaw Productions and have all of his fighters under the Roc Nation banner, it seemingly looked like a good move for all parties involved. However, news broke this week that the deal was never finalized, and the two parties decided to split. So fighters like Bryant Jennings, Tureano Johnson, Darley Perez, and others still remained under the Gary Shaw Productions banner according to GSP boss Gary Shaw.

“My fighters are all with Gary Shaw Productions,” Shaw told at the Wladimir Klitschko-Bryant Jennings press conference. “That’s why I did this press conference today. I represent Bryant Jennings. I represent him before.”

Bryant Jennings was soaking up being a part of Roc Nation during Roc Nation’s first fight card, sitting with Jay-Z and Andre Ward throwing up the Dynasty sign. There was even a Twitter report by Ring TV that Jennings was claiming to still be a part of Roc Nation. His manager James Prince even told our Nestor Gibbs that he still “down” with Roc Nation. But Shaw says, “Bryant Jennings is a Gary Shaw Productions fighter, I don’t know what he said, and you’ll have to ask him. “

And regards to the split Shaw says,“It was an amicable on both parts. They were business like I was business-like; it was just a business split. “

Bryant JenningsBut Shaw expects, “Big stuff like April 25th on HBO for the heavyweight championship of the world.”

He believes in his fighter Bryant Jennings could be the one to pull off the biggest Heavyweight upset since Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas.

“He could be this generation’s Buster Douglas and have a big knockout. 25 years and one week ago to the exact date Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson. Nobody believed in Buster Douglas, I believe in Bryant Jennings. I believe we’re going to have a big victory on April 25th.”