Shawn Porter Bodies Bone in PBC Co-Feature


Shawn PorterThere were so many storylines at play in Shawn Porter’s televised co-feature on Spike’s debut of Al Haymon’s “PBC” series. First, his opponent Erick Bone was as late a replacement as it gets, fighting in place for the overweight Roberto Garcia. Bone was scheduled to replace Garcia shortly after the news broke that Garcia would not try to lose the remaining pounds, reports that he was dealing with some sort of illness surfaced soon after. Then, reports about Karim Mayfield taking the late replacement duties surfaced and he was even present at the weigh-in, but the powers that be ultimately decided to go with Bone.

This was Porter’s first fight back from his first career loss at the hands of Kell Brook; that was probably the most important storyline of them all.

Porter seemed cold to start the fight, and there was a noticeable sluggishness, especially when his feet were planted and he was moving back and forth and side to side. It was clear that Bone had not intentions of getting whitewashed and he was clearly showed up to fight.

In the 5th round, Bone began landing that right hand with an aggressive tone behind it, at least in a more offensive manner. Just when it seemed like Porter would be thoroughly tested, he landed a vicious shot to the body that dramatically hurt Bone.

Bone appeared to injury his right knee/leg in the fight, and he began limping in an obvious manner. Bone ended up taking a knee from the body shots punishment. Porter had Bone hurt with body shots and decided to ramp up the pressure by going straight to the body. He landed several body shots before he pinned Bone against the ropes and landed a left hook, right-hand combo that finished bone off for good.

Porter got the stoppage he needed and spoke after the fight in the post-fight interview.

“That is what I expected. I watched a little tape on him last night. I knew it would be a good fight, I didn’t know how long it would take, but we’ve been working on those body shots, and it showed up tonight,” Porter told Jimmy Smith.

Porter downplayed the pressure he was under after suffering his first career loss, but he can do that now that he’s back in the win column.

“I know what level I’m on, no need to take a step back just because we took a loss. Tonight, on Friday the 13th Team Porter is 1-0.”