Stafford Doesn’t Want Broner to Fight Matthysse Unless It’s for a Title


    1399174382000-USP-Boxing-Adrien-Broner-vs-Carlos-MolinaJunior welterweight Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse (36-3, 34 KOs) may have a “Problem” getting a marquee fight against junior welterweight Adrien Broner (29-1, 22 KOs). While we all know Broner has been very adamant in the media as well as social media with his interest in facing the Argentine puncher things may not work out as easily as fight fans would hope and wish for.

    Jim Gray: “You’ve talked about Lucas Matthysse in the meeting, you’ve talked about him this week. You’ve kind of called him out. Is that who you would like to fight next?

    Adrien Broner: “Listen, like I said before, I didn’t ‘kind of’ call out nobody. I said, my next fight should be Matthysse. And he can get it!”

    Gray: “He can. So you will instruct your promoter, your manager, and all of those folks behind you to make that fight?”

    Broner: “If I could, I’d fight Matthysse with this cut tonight.”

    Gray: “Well, he didn’t have a tough night, maybe he could come back out here. The fans are still here.”

    Broner: “Man, I’d beat his ass, too.”

    I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Stafford long time trainer of the Cincinnati Ohio star Adrien Broner It seems as though the plan has slightly shifted in another direction. Not to say that Matthyysse isn’t in those plans.

    “Right now we’re just looking for someone to get it on with that’s just like Emmanuel [Taylor]. We’re just taking our time and picking the right opponents for Adrien [Broner].”

    “Someone like Taylor” huh? These are the kind of statements that send so much hatred flurrying at Broner. Is it just? Is it right? Should we rush Broner to face the top of his division every time out? Do we not remember what happen when he faced Marcos “El Chino” Maidana last December 13 in Texas? Would we really expect this young man to face Matthysse if he didn’t call him out himself? Maybe if he wasn’t as cocky as he is, maybe if he didn’t make it seem like he could beat everyone. Who can forget when after Broner’s DeMarco win he said Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are both “easy work” the thing is the kid is tough as nails and truly believes he can win those fights.

    Should we be upset at that? The thing is Matthysse isn’t completely out of the picture Mike Stafford made something clear to me.

    “If he [Matthysse] can keep up the same pace as we can I think eventually we’ll make that fight but we going for something else right now, but who knows we may take Matthysse if he’s in our way for the big prize we have to take him but ultimately we want the big prize we want a 140 pound belt and if he’s in our way to get it we got to take it. We not calling out no names we just want to get to the top again and stay on the top.”

    Here something’s to think about, Lamont Peterson, IBF Champion trains side by side with Broner. Both their respective trainers have told me numerous times these two will never fight. The  RING, WBA,  and WBC Champion Danny Garcia  and Broner are also friends and the both have said in the past they don’t feel this fight can be made. WBO Champion Chris Algieri is busy as he is scheduled to face Manny Pacquiao. So what belt is there for Broner to fight for? Things can change in the upcoming months as Garcia’s mandatory has yet to be finalized but it keeps getting extensions. Who knows maybe Garcia vacates his titles and we see Broner vs. Matthysse for one of those belts which would be the perfect scenario. Since team Broner indicated that if the road to a title meant going through Matthysse then they are prepared for that.

    What’s your thoughts let us know in the comments does this fight really happen? How bad do you want this fight?