Steve Claggett Enjoying His Time At The Mayweather Gym, Amped For Canadian Title Fight


September 14th is going to be a huge day not just in American boxing but worldwide boxing when Floyd Mayweather takes on Saul Alvarez but on September 13th in Edmonton, Alberta, three Canadians who spent time at the Mayweather Gym will be putting on a show of their own. Steve “The Dragon” Claggett is one of those fighters.
Claggett is currently in Las Vegas preparing for his upcoming Canadian Welterweight Title shot against Francesco Controni and will be making his way back home soon to finalize his training camp.
“Things down here are awesome as usual,” said Claggett. “The Mayweather gym atmosphere is hyped because of the Canelo fight coming up. The Champ is ready to rock and everyone in the gym is catching some momentum with the big fight energy hyping everyone up. I’ll be down here for another week then I will be finishing off camp back home in Calgary.”
This is not the first time that Claggett has trained at the Mayweather Gym and it will not be the last. The tools and knowledge that is located within the trainers at the gym alongside Claggett’s trainer Eric De Guzman have helped Claggett get to where he is today and with the atmosphere there his confidence will be sky high.
“My team and I decided that I would come down and do a sparring trip just to get some great work in and bring the momentum back, stay sharp and take care of business come fight night. Plus it’s good to see all my buddies down here. I’ve sparred with a whole bunch of guys, biggest name would be Ashley Theopane. The other guys I’m working with are all world class caliber fighters as well.”
Motivation comes easy even when the work is hard, especially with a belt that can push him to another level is on the line. Weight is never an issue as Claggett walks around at 154 pounds so making 147 is no big deal.
“I feel about 80% to fight shape at the moment and when I’m saying fight shape I’m talking 15 round old school fight shape. I’m good to go for a 10 round fight today. By fight night I will be top notch, sharp and powerful ready to go 10 full out full force rounds. I feel like it’s the biggest fight of my life. I treat every fight this way, the Canadian title is just another bit of push and fuel for my drive when I’m tired in the gym or out doing my roadwork. I’m committed to winning the title September 13th and that’s that.”
Earlier in the summer a fight was being discussed for Sam Vargas to come over to the west coast and face Claggett but that fight fell through for several different reasons but that is not going to get Claggett down.
“I’m not disappointed. A fight is a fight and that one could/should still happen.” Now if Claggett wins the title on September 13th the fight could pick up a lot of steam. “Just more build up to make it even bigger. That’s fine with me..You know if it’s a fight that works out we should do it. We all know that it will be a war. Gatti/Ward, Rios/Alvarado, Claggett/Vargas. Let’s do it. One fight at a time though. I have one thing in mind until fight night and that is beating Frank Cotroni.”
Claggett has spent a great portion of his career at 147 pounds and since weight is not an issue he plans on staying there as long as possible or until the right opportunity comes up.
“147 is my weight class now, every time I have fought at welterweight I have won by knockout. I’m more powerful, sharper and better at this weight so I’m here to stay.”