Steve Claggett On Sam Vargas, Says He Hasn’t Faced Anyone


Steve Claggett could be facing Sam Vargas in September in what could be the key fight of his career to push him to that next level that he wants to be at and with the similarities between the two it should be a great scrap. “We’re around the same weight and we both have around 15 fights. It just matches up well, plus people know that we’re bangers. Should be a bloody war,” said Claggett.

The two fighters do not know each other but the tension between the two are growing. “I don’t know him personally. I have friends in TO (Toronto) who have kept an eye on him for me though. He is a tough fighter. A strong and up and coming fighter just like me. But I’ve heard from my friends out east that I’m bigger and hit harder. I know that I have more experience and I have done things in my career that I know will give me a big edge.”

As fighters begin their career and move forward with fights the level of opposition that they face should only get greater and greater but Claggett feels that the competition that Vargas has faced is not quite up to par. “I don’t think that he has faced anything special. No disrespect to other fighters since I’m not fighting them, but they’ve promoted him well. We all know it. I’m not anything like the other guys he’s been getting fed.”

Leading up to a fight, theatrics and trash talk ensues. The fight isn’t even signed yet and verbal jabs have been put out there by both fighters already. “It’s whatever. We’ll talk smack and war all the way up to the fight and I’m into that. I’ve kept a pretty cool head on during my pro career but if he asks for it he’ll get it I don’t mind. That shit hypes me up, plus everyone wants to see two fighters who want to kill each other that’s what a real fight is.”
So why hasn’t the fight been signed yet? Rumor going around is that Vargas is asking for a lot more money. ” I don’t know what the offer is but I’ve heard from my sources that it was decent,” said Claggett. “The fight idea really came up this week. These thing take time. I’ll go out east to whoop that ass since he claims that we can all get paid, but I have no interest in a same day weigh in (which is done in Toronto). Just stating that for the record here and now.”
Getting the fight signed is very important but a victory over Vargas is even more important. ” A victory over Vargas will put me another step forward. More noise in the boxing world and it’s something that I’ll die for, so let’s get it done.”

If the fight does not come to then there is not time to sit around and do nothing. One must move forward to the next item on the agenda. “If this fight doesn’t happen, I’m going to Dubai to fight Jimrex Jaca. We are just negotiating the fight weight at the moment. I’m going worldwide this year.”