Sunny Edwards salty over Canelo win, says Mexicans cheat to become monsters


Saturday night has come and gone and there’s a new number one in the super middleweight division. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez put on a clinic against Callum Smith and battered the Brit and left him a bloody mess. After the fight, both fighters showed mutual respect for each other, but there are a lot of people that are pissed and bitter towards Canelo.

Sunny Edwards is an undefeated fighter from London who fights in the super flyweight division. Edwards took to Twitter to sling a bit of mud towards Canelo after the fight was over.

“I mean we already found out what these Mexicans use to become monsters,” stated Edwards in response to a Tweet.

“Even though we all know how he’s done it – it is crazy how Canelo can just pick a weight and beat the number one.” “I think we are seeing what can happen if a Boxer is given free rein on just becoming the best he can be. All the promotion, every ‘close/dubious decision is his, 6 month bans for serious doping offenses.. etc etc. Canelo staying winning is ‘good’ for boxing.”