Team Miguel Cotto “It should be coming in the next few days or so.”


Miguel+Cotto+Miguel+Cotto+v+Antonio+Margarito+6UvF-RJ5V3NlMiguel Cotto is slated to return on June 6th in New York. But there are still a lot of variables on his return. There still is no opponent. There still is no network that has been agreed upon for his return date. There still is no venue. While Miguel Cotto is a staple at Madison Square Garden, it would make sense for a fight of his to shift to Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. His new alliance with Roc Nation Sports and Jay-Z, who is from Brooklyn, might lead Cotto to having his fight there.

According to his advisor, Gabriel Peñagarícano, a lot of these questions will be answered soon.

We’re actually discussing names with both HBO and Showtime and seeing how they are willing to approve and then it’s up to Miguel to make a decision,” Peñagarícano told ESPN Deportes. “It should be coming in the next few days or so.”

Many insiders have pegged Cornelius Bundrage as the favorite to land the Cotto fight. While Cotto was a promotional free agent, names like Brandon Rios and Tim Bradley were thrown around. But both of those fighters were with Top Rank. Seeing as the divorce between Cotto and Top Rank wasn’t on the best of terms, those two possibilities have been ruled out.

Also ruled out is a showdown with Gennady Golovkin, who has been patiently waiting for Cotto. Golovkin is mandatory to Cotto’s WBC Middleweight title. Cotto has been granted a voluntary defense in the interim before facing Golovkin. However, Cotto has stated on multiple occasions that a sanctioning body won’t tell him what to do. So it isn’t known if a fight with Golovkin will ever come to light. What is known is that Cotto will be heading to Los Angeles to finalized details of his training camp and hopefully his next fight.

“We’re going to Los Angeles to fulfill certain commitments we made, and we’re also going to meet with Freddie Roach to outline the details of training camp,” stated Peñagarícano. “We’re going to leave this weekend and we certainly have a lot of work to do.”