Tevin Farmer shreds Jojo for losing titles on the scale


Joseph Diaz Jr. was set to defend his world title for the first time this weekend, but that ain’t happening anymore. Diaz was over the weight limit by more than 3 lbs. which means he has zero chance of cutting weight and has to forfeit 100k of his 500k purse.

The boxing community is all over the place with how they feel about the situation but there is one person’s opinion that people want to hear more than anything. Tevin Farmer.

Farmer lost a close decision to Diaz in January of 2020 and expected a rematch to happen but it never did. Farmer stated that due to the cut obtained by Diaz and Covid19 the rematch was unable to be made. Instead, Diaz moved on and lost his titles on the scales which is a bittersweet taste of karma in Farmer’s eyes. 

“He talked all that shit and didn’t make weight. He’s a joke,” stated Farmer in a series of Tweets.

“I haven’t fought cuz of Covid.” “Nonetheless Jo-Jo was supposed to give me a rematch as we agreed upon. Now he looses the belt for doing me dirty. Karma.”

“No excuse. How you misjudge the timing on a world title fight. It’s no different from any other fight. You have 32 fights. The timing is always the same. You should’ve said that you were lazy and skipped workouts thinking you can make them up. You ain’t slick.” “Jojo gone cry tonight in his hotel room if he already haven’t.”