Tha Boxing Voice Week in Review


gennady-golovkin-vs-marco-antonio-rubio-04-photo-by-naoki-fukudaGGG is the Real Deal

On Saturday night in the Stub Hub Center Gennady Golovkin took on Marco Antonio Rubio in what was expected to be a competitive fight by most boxing experts. Unluckily for Rubio it didn’t turn out that way. GGG destroyed Rubio in a crowd pleasing display of punching power just as I knew he would. Just as I was wondering why GGG wasn’t throwing any uppercuts he throws a monster right uppercut that spelled the beginning of the end for Rubio. The downward arching left hook that landed on the forehead of Rubio was just ridiculous. GGG is indeed the real deal and I don’t see anyone that can beat him between 154-168 pounds. Yes that means Floyd at 154 who would be way too small and Ward at 168 who would only have a chance if he would be able to fight dirty like he did against Kessler. No matter whom he fights next he will most assuredly have more viewers who seek to see his power and skill.

Walters Versus Donaire Lives up to the Hype

Nonito Donaire and Nicholas Walters put on a very entertaining fight on Saturday night. I see a lot of media outlets calling this fight a beat down by Walters but that is not the fight that I witnessed. In fact I had Donaire winning the first 2 rounds with his speed and the fact that he badly wobbled Walters at the end of the second. Walters’s size eventually came into play in the 3rd and he began to wear down Donaire until the eventual knockout blow at the end of the 6th round. Walters got hit a lot in this fight and Donaire actually looked better than he has in his past 3 fights but Walters’s power advantage helped to knockout a fighter who has had a decent chin at the lower weight classes. Up next I’d like to see Donaire move back down and I want to see Walters take on Johnny Gonzalez to see who the best at featherweight is.

Mayweather Sued…Again

This week the Rahman brothers filed a formal lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather, Showtime and Mayweather Promotions for multiple things that happened during the All Access show. To me this is another case of Mayweather not having the right people around him. If your friends would be willing to sue you then they probably are not your friends. Lately Floyd doesn’t seem to have too many friends it seems. He has a lot of “moocher” type people around him who are just there for the free hand outs. I find it hard to comprehend how someone who is one of the most intelligent and talented fighters to ever live can routinely make so many dumb decisions outside of boxing. He should hope that the Rahman brothers are willing to settle out of court because if this goes to trial and Floyd is found to have lied to the Nevada State Athletic Commission he may be in a whole new world of hurt and he may spoil the plans that he and Al Haymon have in the near future.

Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. Woes Continue

Bob Arum claims that he has offered Chavez Jr. a fight against Carl Froch and Chavez Jr. says he is lying. So who is telling the truth? Who knows? I am more inclined to believe Chavez Jr. because he is the one trying to get out of his contract by fighting his last contracted fight with Top Rank Promotions and Arum is the one who wants him to stay with the company. Whoever is doing what, or is not doing what, the one thing that is happening is that Chavez Jr. is not fighting and that is not a good thing for him. He has a child now and he is getting older so he should take advantage of the rest of his prime while he has the chance. I am just hoping that the offer to fight Froch is for real because that would be an excellent fight for both and would be even better for fight fans.

Fighting a Different Fight

Leon Spinks who is in the hospital for complications due to a second abdominal surgery is seemingly doing better and hopefully will be out of the woods soon. The man who was the recipient of Spinks biggest win, Muhammad Ali, also sent out a tweet this week saying don’t believe the hype and that he is feeling great. Finally it seems as if the authorities have caught the person who shot Emmanuel Augustus. Augustus is still in the hospital on life support after being shot in the back of the head but hopefully he pulls through and goes on to live a long, healthy life.