The Mayweather Shoulder Roll



    floyd-mayweather-shoulder-roll (1)In a time where numerous fighters reveal various styles within the boxing world, one boxer’s style seems to be the most dominant. Known as one of the best fighters in our generation, Floyd Mayweather’s (44-0) shoulder roll technique seems to be in a class of its own. A complex style that requires great awareness, anticipation, timing and fast reflexes to execute, resembles as a code no opponent has been able to crack.

    floyd-mayweathers dela hoyaSimilar to the Philly Shell defense, the shoulder roll style makes it nearly impossible to land a clean punch on the chin while providing the opportunity to counter from different angles. When Sugar Ray Leonard was asked how he would beat Mayweather’s style, he stated that he would “forget about hitting the jaw and break down the shoulders and body.” A game plan easily proposed, but extremely difficult to execute. It seems the style doesn’t just physically beat the opposing fighter, but mentally frustrates them as well, leaving the opponent in the squared circle looking like they’re trying to figure out a rubix cube. Throwing non effective punches trying to twist into matching colors only to be left drained in the later rounds


    Adrien Broner (27-0) who is coming off his successful bout with Paulie Malignaggi has tailored his fighting style (and possibly personality style?) to Floyd Mayweather. Broner, who is another example of how successful the shoulder roll technique can be, seems to be rising to the boxing elites using the style Mayweather has mastered and executed. In a combined record of 71-0, Mayweather and Broner’s shoulder roll fighting style seems considerably dominant and far from exposable.

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