This Day In History: Alexis Arguello Becomes Nicaragua’s First Ever World Champion


    39 years ago today Alexis Arguello made history by becoming the first world champion in history to hail from Nicaragua when he beat Mexican champion Ruben Olivares for Olivares WBA featherweight championship with a 13th round KO.

    Arguello’s accomplishment inspired his people. He paved the way for the younger generations to fight and produce further world champions such as Ricardo Mayorga, Jose Alfaro, Randy Caballero (who is an American born Nicaraguan) and Roman Gonzalez who is the second best fighter in the nation’s history behind Arguello.

    Nicaragua will also look to add another world champion later this month when Carlos Buitrago fights for his first world title.

    Most of these fighters look up to and owe their passion of boxing to Arguello.