Thurman on Khan: I think it’s time he hits the mat again


Keith ThurmanAs if the war of words between Virgil Hunter and Keith Thurman were not enough, Thurman and Hunter’s welterweight Amir Khan have gone back and forth. Khan told Tha Boxing that maybe he should call himself ‘Sometimes’ instead of his nickname ‘One-Time.’

Thurman let it all hang out with’s Brian Campbell.

“Khan is like the stock market — one second he’s up and the next second he’s down,” Thurman said. “Right now he’s up; we haven’t seen him go down for a while. But I think it’s time he hits the mat again.”

Thurman went in on Khan’s resume and how Khan’s chin once again is suspect.

“Khan and his little team have a little too much confidence, and I don’t know where it comes from,” Thurman, 26, said. “He has been beaten. He has proven that power punches can handle him and can walk through him. Marcos Maidana almost ended him. Ever since he stepped up into the welterweight division; I have had my eyes on Amir Khan. He couldn’t take Danny Garcia’s power so he definitely won’t be able to take my power.”

Aside from that Thurman feels Khan has still not fought more than one real welterweight.

“When he fought [Luis] Collazo, that was the only welterweight that he fought,” Thurman said. “He fought Devon Alexander, then Chris Algieri. Now they are talking about Provodnikov. I mean, it is what it is. He’s not a champion fighting these guys. In reality, he can just run some laps and fight these dudes at 140 where he belongs. If he wants to talk junk at welterweight, fight some welterweights. Fight Keith Thurman, fight Kell Brook, fight Shawn Porter, fight Andre Berto, even though that will never happen with Virgil Hunter. What I’m trying to say is, fight a legitimate welterweight and make a name for yourself in the welterweight division. “