Thurman Thinks Khan Is a Tougher Fight Than Maidana


    download (1)Keith Thurman won a decision over Leonard Bundu this past weekend in Las Vegas but to some didn’t do enough to be impressed. Thurman heard the boos and complaints but did have a message for those fans

    “I mean screw those fans,” Thurman told “Screw those fans, come do me and come step in the ring and come do my job. Broner’s talked about how much respect we deserve. Floyd Mayweather’s talked about how much respect we deserve. How much respect every boxer deserves. If you’re outside the ring you should keep your mouth shut.”

    With the victory, Thurman is eyeing the likes of Marcos Maidana and Amir Khan for 2015. Both are tough fights but he thinks Khan is the more difficult of the two.

    “Khan is speed where Maidana is power,” explained Thurman. “So I’m ‘One Time” but if I get in with Maidana, I can get one timed. Where with Khan I won’t get one timed by Khan but we might get a draw, it might be difficult to get a decision or we get out boxed. But I think I can stop him but he most likely won’t be able to stop me. The difficulty I see for Khan is more aspects of difficulty.

    Thurman feels that while he’s avoided, the joke is out on those who avoided him because of the experience he is gaining from his fights.

    “In reality if those boys want to beat me, they better try now rather than later because I’m only going to get better.”

    Thurman felt that after 8 rounds, it really wasn’t worth making a mistake and going for the knockout against Bundu, so he did what was working throughout the fight and boxed.

    “He (Bundu) was awkward, he keep switching stances. He was moving, he was a tough guy to deal with,” stated Thurman. “But he had to beat me I had the title. I was more content with landing the blows than actually sitting down and winging on it. I was going to win the decision. The blueprint was working so well, so why do something else.”

    He also feels boxing fans should know that it’s boxing first and not a street fight. If it happens to become a fight then so be out but it’s boxing first.

    “Floyd’s not the only one that can go 12 rounds. Floyd’s not the only one that can make the crowd boo. Fight fans, you are watching boxing. These aren’t just fights. The boxing match might end up being a fight. But its boxing.”