Tim Lane: ‘Algieri Has a Chance of Stopping Pacquiao, I Don’t Expect It to Go the Distance’


    Algieri-Macau-Arrival_140823_001a“Welcome to the Chris Algieri Show. He went from 0-100 and he’s ready for Pacquiao.”

    Those were the words of a Chris Algieri’s confident trainer Tim Lane who says they are ready for the best Manny Pacquiao at whatever weight possible. The bout will take place at a catch weight of 144 lbs., which Lane says benefits Algieri.

    “He’s a huge 140 pounder,” stated Lane. “His best weight is at 144 so right in between 140 and 147, which is where we’re going to meet, which is Chris’ best weight. I don’t know who chose this weight but they chose it perfectly for Chris. The catch weight played into our hands for sure.”

    Lane said he has watched plenty of tape on Pacquiao, in particular his fights with Juan Manuel Marquez and Erik Morales, and feels he’s learned a lot and implemented a game plan to defeat Pacquiao.

    “Erik Morales 2, I’ve watched it 14 times,” explained Lane. “I’ve watched a lot of tape for this fight, more than any of the other fights. I’ve watched a few tapes of Ruslan and one of Emmanuel Taylor. But I’ve watched everything late in the career of Pacquiao.”

    Though he wouldn’t tell us what he saw, he says the Marquez fights have definitely been the best source of information with Pacquiao.

    “After the fight happens I’ll tell you what I saw, especially in all the Marquez fights,” stated Lane. “He had a nice game plan and got progressively better. Thank you Marquez and Marquez’ trainers for helping us out.”

    Lane feels that a victory and KO is not out of the question.

    “Chris gets warm mid fight and picks up the pace. Chris Algieri will beat Manny Pacquiao November 22nd. He most certainly has a chance of stopping Pacquiao. I don’t expect it to go the distance.”