Tim Lane Supportive Of Algieri and John David Jackson “He’s got a big right hand”


Chris Algieri Tim Lane The last time trainer Tim Lane was on the big stage, he was at the butt of a lot of jokes. During the mid-rounds of the Manny Pacquiao-Chris Algieri fight in Macau in 2014, he was being interviewed by HBO’s Max Kellerman during the middle of the round. Kellerman posed the question as to if Lane still felt he could knock Manny Pacquiao out. Lane responded with the infamous, “I still got him in the cage…I’m going to let him out the cage in round 10 or 11.” Almost as simultaneous to the quote, Manny Pacquiao ensued to knock Chris Algieri down.

Algieri took the loss and moved onto another trainer in John David Jackson. Jackson has been instrumental in the development of one of the best fighters in the world today, Sergey Kovalev. Even though Algieri has a new head corner men, Lane is still Team Algieri and feels the addition of Jackson to lead the corner was a great one.

“Chris is looking great, he was down in Florida with Coach Jackson and the vibe is great,” Lane told ThaBoxingVoice.com. He’s going to be a complete fighter. He’s going to be bigger, faster, and stronger. You’ll see the complete Chris. A lot of people have seen him in one way or another way but not complete. Coach Jackson has definitely brought out some things in him, but he’s definitely going to be complete come fight night.”

Khan has never had the best chin in the game, and Lane feels that Algieri will definitely be one to test one of the weaknesses in Khan’s game.

“Chris will be throwing more punches, I do believe that he will be testing that chin,” Lane said. “He’s got a big right hand. His right hand has been beautiful for a long time. It could be right hand, it could be left hand, we’ll see. On Friday night it’ll be the same, ‘Welcome to the Chris Algieri Show.’”