Tony Luis Blankets Karl Dargan 9-1


Tony Luis 1ESPN Friday Night Fights Does it again. Man with what little budget these guys have to play with they happen to put on a half decent card.

Tonight was a fight Karl Dargan was supposed to win, why?… because he’s supposed to be the boxer. Well boxing is the sort of sport that just has a mind of its own. Any given moment you can have high-level action, drama, scandal, just a laundry list of things.

ESPN produced a double upset…. Dargan, who was thought to be the slick boxer from the mean streets of Philly. Found himself in a street fight with a hard-nosed Canadian. Tony Luis has been down in his luck in the past coming up short in one or two fights, but Luis always showed toughness.

Tony worked his double left hook all night long until he eventually started to land them clean and routinely. Coming into this fight we didn’t really know which man was going to play the role of the puncher. We know Luis would fight like he was the question would be can he hurt Dargan?

That he did and what looked like to me hurt a few times. Dargan like many Philly fighters at time use a shoulder roll or Philly shell as they call it. Thing is he was leaning away when in close quarters but leaving himself open to being punished by Luis Left hook.

I would complain and say Dargan gassed a bit and couldn’t use his legs to make it the type of fight he needed it to be. A fight fought in the center of the ring with Dargan utilizing his boxing abilities.Tony Luis 2

Instead, the hungrier man won, by chopping the tree, cutting off the ring, being active throwing punches in volume. Ultimately scoring a knockdown in the 10th round. Luis was the guy that just wanted it more.

Luis moves up in rankings as this bout was for the vacant WBC Continental Americas lightweight title, which should place Luis in position for some nice match ups.

Glenn Feldman 92-97 Robert Paolino 92-97 Steve Weisfeld 90-99