Trainer Mike Stafford: If Pacquiao Can Rebound From A Loss So Can Broner


In this very informative interview with Mike Stafford, the trainer of boxing star Adrien Broner; He touched on a number of different topics, including Broner’s upcoming fight, a possible rematch with Marcos Maidana, and the move down in weight. Here is what he had to say.

Do you feel that you guys took Maidana lightly?

“I think just a little bit, I think he took him (Maidana) seriously but not as seriously as he should have. It was just a little bit, not a lot”

You guys are moving down to 140lbs for your next fight. Was it a strategic move? Who’s idea was that? Do you guys feel like 147lbs was too big for Adrien?

“It was all of the above, Adrien is actually a lightweight”

Do you think that he needs to avenge that loss against Maidana at some point in his career?

“Boxing is so funny. Sometimes you can avenge a loss by getting a great win, look at Pacquiao” he added. “There are so many different ways and avenues to get back on top”

Are we expecting the old Broner on May 3rd the guy that showed up versus Antonio Demarco?

“Yes! He is ready. This is the time and on this show with Floyd Mayweather. We had the option to have our own show and fight on our own card in Cincinnati or Atlanta. We chose to fight on the Floyd undercard.”

Molina gave Amir Khan a lot of problems when they fought in December of 2012, before the fight was stopped in the tenth. Let’s see how he fares against the young, brash and flashy Adrien “The Problem” Broner.

I am looking forward to “The Moment” and I have a feeling that it will be a much better event than we all think. Then again I am an optimist and in this very jaded world of boxing world pessimism reins supreme.