Triller Fight Night = Cluster F*ck


    Do you remember when Mayweather-McGregor was officially announced? What went through your head at that moment? For me, it was mixed feelings. It was a chance for the two biggest stars in two different sports to compete with tons of money on the line and the whole world watching. On the other side of that, I knew the circus had rolled into town and the shit show was about to begin and I was right.

    Last Saturday’s Triller fight card felt even worse in regards to the shit show. In fact, it was a cluster fuck.

    The first Triller event which hosted the return of Mike Tyson had a lot of elements in it but felt like it was more organized and put together. The musical pieces didn’t seem to take a half-hour or more and there were actual boxing matches on it. It was watchable. Snoop even did a great job.

    This last event seemed like Triller would have been better off if they threw as much money as they could in a barrel and set it on fire instead of giving us a shit show. 

    The first issue I’ll talk about is the musical guests. Yes, music is a big part of sports, but this is supposed to be fighting. If you have a couple of artists here or there perform, then no big deal, it’s a great time-filler. When you overbook and there’s more music than fights then it’s more of a concert with the fights acting as a filler. Also, you need to have the right guests. I understand you want to appeal to a younger crowd that may not be into boxing and you want to bring them on board but you have to have musical guests that appease both the younger and older crowd. For example, Justin Bieber is not going to do much for a fight crowd.

    Second, the announcers… Al Bernstein does a fantastic job even with a contact high. Mario Lopez is alright. When you throw a lot of these other guys in the mix it totally takes away from the fights especially when they are talking about shit that does not involve the fight. Oscar De La Hoya was fucking embarrassing on commentary. Snoop was not as good as he was on the first event and throwing random celebrities in there along with their “backstage” antics left many scratching their heads.

    Let’s talk fights now. How many actual boxing matches were there between real boxers? Just one on the televised card. Yes, Steve Cunningham was an active boxer before but he filled in as a replacement against an MMA fighter. Regis Prograis vs Ivan Redkach was the only legitimate fight of the whole entire fucking card and that was a bit of a farce. On a side note: Redkach you deserve a fucking Oscar (no not De La Hoya) for that acting. Buddy, you should retire from boxing and either play soccer if you’re taking a dive or get into acting because you’re definitely going to go places with that performance.

    Last but not least, after the main event can people stop calling Jake Paul the real deal in boxing. Seriously guys. He is not fighting boxers. If he fights legitimate boxers and bests them I have no problem with giving him credit where credit is due. If he’s not going to step in against actual boxers then go join a celebrity boxing league and get knocked out like Jose Canseco did or beat a bunch of other people that would not last in a ring with actual boxers.

    If things keep going this way for Triller I don’t know how long they will stick around. If they’ve got so much money to burn I’ll take some off their hands.