Trout Says He Will Make Lara Look An Amateur Again


    Junior Middleweight contenders Austin “No Doubt” Trout and Erislandy Lara will square up on December 7th at the Barclays center in Brooklyn on the undercard of Judah vs Malignaggi. Usually Trout is a jovial fighter, with a carry free attitude. Leading up to the fight Lara has been relentless on his twitter assault calling out the former WBC titlist but once the fight was signed Lara backed off with the insults, Trout stated, “He talked before the fight was even made and once the fight was made he’s gotten real quiet. Whether I like him or don’t like him, which I don’t, it’s not going to change the fact that I’m going to try to take his head off.”

    Both Trout and Lara have great amateur pedigrees. He agrees that the amateur experience that Lara has will always make for a dangerous fighter but he doesn’t think Lara has the heart to stay in a tough fight when the going gets tough. “He’s very strong, having a lot fights in amateurs. I feel like he lacks real heart,” he continued I’m a technical fighter as well, but as I said I’ve got the high determination to win in all different types of scenarios.”

    In Trout’s last time out he pushed Canelo Alvarez to a close unanimous decisions which he lost but some fans feel Trout did enough to win. With Alvarez taking a step back after the loss to Mayweather, its clear to see the winner of this fight could face Alvarez in the future. Although Trout wants to redeem his loss and rematch Alvarez, he is focused on the task at hand and doesn’t feel Alvarez when the time comes, will step up to the plate anyway, he stated, “I’m not worried about Canelo. My focus is on Lara. You know, whether Canelo picks the fight with the winner, that’s great. I don’t know or believe that he will, but regardless of that or not my whole focus is beating Lara on his way out.”

    Most of the time when you’re a southpaw, you have a slight advantage as most fighters you face will be orthodox and it can take some time to adjust to the different angles punches will come from. The last southpaw that Trout faced was David Lopez in 2011. Trout acknowledges that just because they’re both southpaws, their styles are worlds apart. “David was a bigger slugger, in my opinion, but he was also slower. So, to try to look at that fight towards this fight, it’s apples and oranges. He’s a different caliber of fighter and a different breed and I’m going to make him look like the amateur he is.”

    When Trout was presented the opportunity to fight Lara he was excited because not only will this fight be one that could keep him in contention it could solidify his name as a top fighter in the division, he stated, “Beating him was definitely put my stake as the best in 154 pound division. I had a little setback in April and I think Lara’s the type of name and opponent that put me right back into the running for the best. After taking out the 154 pound division I want to be ready to go, so first things first. You pass this cat, get my belt back, unify the belt and then go after the top pound big headers.”

    Part of Lara’s criticism is that he said that he expects Trout to run and he says he doesn’t have “balls”. Both Lara and Trout are technically boxers with great ability to do so and because of the risk involved most fighter pass on the opportunity to fight them. Since he feels both he and Lara are avoided and both of them were willing to fight each, that was one of the primary reason this fight was made, Trout stated, “I think really that we’re fighting each other because nobody else wants to fight us. But you know me, I’ll take all comers and for him to say I don’t have any balls, he’s never watched me fight, which is fine. He can sleepwalk if he wants to. It’s the golden rule; you punch, that makes the rule. I can’t be bitter about it because that’s something I don’t have control over. I’ve just got to do what I can do with opportunities that come my way and that’s really why I’m going to make the most of this opportunity that’s presented itself.”