Trout Talks Third Round Scare with Dawson, Plans to Fight Again This Year


    Boxing: Austin Trout vs Miguel CottoLast Friday most of us were shocked watching Austin Trout kiss the canvas two times in the third round in his fight against 22 to 1 underdog Daniel Dawson, and so was Trout. “I was surprised he ever touched me let alone put me down. I was getting lazy. I needed to wake up, and he woke me up,” he said.

    Despite the scare in the third round,  Trout dominated the rest of the fight. When asked if he thought his performance would be overshadowed by the two knockdowns he replied, “It depends on who you ask. If you ask most of the boxing critics it probably does, but if you ask the fans of the game they’ll let you know that sh*t happens.”

    Even though Trout was heavily favored, he says that he still took his opponent seriously. “I though he was a strong fighter. I knew he was a strong fighter. He has 26 knockouts which is the same amount of wins that I have total, so we knew he was strong and he was. It’s not like we were sleeping on him. He just caught me with a good shot.”

    Trout is signed to powerful advisor Al Haymon and like many Haymon fighters,  he has had to deal with some inactivity, due to the advisor’s large stable of fighters. Friday’s fight was the first time that Trout has fought this year, and he was coming off a thirteen month layoff, but he isn’t concerned. “After the fight, Haymon called me and said, ‘Despite the scare, you did what you were supposed to do. I’d love to bring you back this year.’ I was like shoot; I’d love to be back once or twice this year if you could squeeze me in, so we are definitely coming back again in 2014.”

    Although he won, Trout is not one hundred percent satisfied with his performance. “We got some work to do. We’re not stupid. We are working on it and we’re trying to start 2015 strong.”

    So, what’s next for Trout and is he ready to fight a top ten contender? “I can’t call that right now. That’s going to be really up to Haymon and Bob Spagnola. I’m down for whatever. I would love to keep moving forward. I don’t want to stay stagnant. Whatever they feel is best so be it.”

    “We’re not going to wait to long. We’re going to take the best fight to make the most money and the most sense. We’re going to have to get one of those up and coming fighters or contenders to prove that I’m really a contender. That’s just how it works.”

    One option that seems very intriguing would be Trout vs. the winner of the fight between Cornelius Bundrage and IBF Junior Middleweight Champion Carlos Molina on October 11 in Mexico. Trout says that is something that he would definitely consider. “Absolutely, I think that would be a great opportunity. It would be a step up from what I had Friday but not quite a barn burner. It won’t necessarily be the tippy top best. It’s not the tip of the iceberg. It’s not like a Lara or Canelo, but its still a big name, a step up fight with the belt, so I think that will be a perfect move.”

    Trout also says that he wouldn’t mind traveling to Mexico for the fight if he had to. “I’m absolutely up for it. I want to travel the world. I think that’s part of the perks of being a professional boxer and a world rated fighter. To be honest, I like to get on the road a little bit. If we can just get some protection with the judging , I’m all good.”

    Many fighters wouldn’t have been able to continue after getting knocked down the way Trout did in that third round. Those two punches that he took are the type of shots that can have a lasting effect on a fighter, but Trout seemly took them in stride. “I feel great. My face wasn’t hurt. My body wasn’t hurt. My pride was a little hurt from the third round but other than that I can get over the pride,” he said.