Tureano Johnson Scores Bizarre Sixth Round TKO Victory over Alex Theran


Tureano-Johnson-300Tureano Johnson (18-1, 13 KOs) a man born in the Bahamas, now residing in Georgia, USA earns his fourth consecutive win tonight against Alex Theran (17-2, 10 KOs) in in a battle of will, more than skill.

In the early stages of the fight Theran tried to establish his jab to counteract Johnson’s come forward aggressiveness. Johnson took some punishment while trying to close the distance, but managed to have success in spurts landing some wide hooks from a distance, and being busy on the inside. This forced Theran out of his comfort zone and into a brawl. Even though Theran was having some success, Johnsons’ relentless pressure was taking a toll, especially when Theran would lie on the ropes, and get into short exchanges. In the fourth round Johnson landed an overhand right on the inside and Theran decided to voluntarily take a knee to avoid further punishment.

In the fifth round Johnson did not take his foot off the gas pedal as he continued to set a very fast pace landing some big hooks upstairs which caused Theran to take another knee. After Theran beat the ten count, his posture seemed as a man who had very little left as he continued to take some big shots upstairs as he laid against the ropes.

Theran managed to survive the fifth round but was very unenthusiastic to continue going into the sixth. Theran was reportedly dealing with an ankle injury, so the referee asked the doctor if he can continue and after a few minutes of relative silence, the referee stopped the fight and awarded Johnson a TKO victory.

Johnson’s grit and determination seems to be a handful for any of the top contenders trying to establish themselves in the middleweight division. Johnson is the type of fighter who can challenge his opponent physically and mentally, and his style of fighting will surely draw interest from promoters, and leave casual fight fans satisfied. Whether Johnson will ever be a premier fighter in the division remains to be seen, but he certainly is fun to watch.