Two of the Three to See Win on NBC Sports


Starting off the broadcast making his Cruiserweight debut “Fast” Eddie Chamber (36-4 18KOs) took on South African Native Thabiso Mchunu (14-1 10KOs). In the first round Chambers started confident but seemed content to feel out Mchunu. There wasn’t much foot movement as both fighters stood near each other but with little activity. Mchunu seemed like he wanted to counter but Chambers did little to allow for the opportunities. “Fast” might be Chambers nickname but it seems Mchunu was the one displaying his speed. Mchunu stayed consistent trying to counter and in the fourth his persistence started to pay off finding success. Half way thought the fight, there wasn’t much excitement and often boo’s rained down from the crowd but it seemed clear that Mchunu was winning the fight. Mchunu the southpaw started putting his punches together and landed several left crosses and right hooks. Through eight Mchunu remained in control and was setting the pace landing and beating Chambers to the punch. In Chambers first fight at Cruiserweight he did little to impress and was out worked and looked out classed by the less experienced Mchunu, who walked away with the much deserved unanimous decision win.


The second fight of the night was a Heavyweight matchup between Tomasz Adamek (49-2 29KOs) against Dominick Guinn (34-10 23KOs). The first round started with a very energized crowd in favor of Adamek. Both fighters had good success finding their targets in the first. Adamek tried to find his range using his jab but Guinn was getting the cleaner shots in. The second round ended with Adamek trying to leave an impression by landing several hooks. After a head butt in the third, Guinn started to bleed from his right eye. In the 4th round, Adamek found success getting to Guinn by using his jab to set up his punches. In the middle rounds Adamek starting to pick up the pace by out working and putting pressure on Guinn. To begin the seventh Guinn started to fight with urgency, landing hard left hooks early in the round. In the 8th round Adamek once again took over the fight landing good combinations and using footwork to maneuver away from Guinn’s punches. Guinn’s right eye really began to swell in the 9th due to the head butt in the 3rd round and clearly it was giving him issues. Adamek showed good boxing ability and jabbed his way to a unanimous decision victory over the tough Dominick Guinn.


In the main event of the night Curtis “Showtime” Stevens (25-3 18KOs) took on battle tested veteran Saul Roman (37-10 31KOs). To begin the first Stevens came out hungry throwing and connecting hard shots. Mid-way thru the round, Stevens hit Roman with a left hook that hurt him and after a series of blows, he landed another left that sent Roman to the canvas. Roman got back up to try and make it a fight but over a minute later Stevens connect with another left hook that flattened Roman on his back knocking him out cold. Steven’s showed great power and determination to showcase his abilities. He showed why many believe he will be the next to challenge the WBA titlist Gennady Golovkin.