Tyrone McKenna Loves The Idea Of A James Tennyson Showdown


    Challenging yourself and seeking a fight to push you to the next level is risky. At the same time with no risk comes no reward. At times you can take a risk fall short but do so well that you get another chance at glory.

    Tyrone McKenna is looking for that fight and the fight that could put himself in that type of position is James Tennyson. McKenna has heard a rumor that Tennyson could possibly be moving up to junior welterweight and if that fight could be made in front of fans it could produce fireworks.

    “I’m a big fan of Tennyson inside [and] outside the ring but just heard he may move into the Mighty Celts weight class. Imagine the atmosphere McKenna v Tennyson in the feil …Jesus Christ that be some scrap to come back to with crowds.”

    It’s got UK fighters buzzing about it including Michael Conlan.

    “What a fight. Battle of the up the roaders lol. Serious fight for the Park.”