Tyson Fury Challenges Anthony Joshua For His Comeback Fight


    On November 28th, 2015 Tyson Fury stunned the boxing world when he upset heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in Germany giving Klitschko the fourth loss of his professional career. There was a new king of the heavyweight division, meaning there were numerous possibilities for exciting fights in the division as well. Those possibilities quickly came to a halt when it was revealed that Fury had tested positive for drugs and he was facing a suspension. Aside from that, all the titles that he held would no longer be under the same roof.

    Fury went on record stating he was retiring, coming back, retiring and coming back time and time again. He seemed to be a mental enigma for boxing fans because you didn’t know if he was or still coked out of his mind. Nevertheless, it appears that Fury will indeed be returning to boxing after over a two-year hiatus. There’s much speculation as to who Fury will face, especially since he cannot make up his mind as to what type of fight he wants to take for his comeback. He has stated that he doesn’t want to jump in with the top guys right away as he wants to clear his ring rust but less than 24 hours ago he changed his tune via Twitter and issued a challenge to Anthony Joshua.

    “As a sporting challenge I lay down the challenge for Anthony Joshua to fight me in my first fight back in over 2.5 years! I’m the best heavyweight on the planet come prove I’m not? The ball is in your court don’t let your fans down CHAMP!”

    A bold statement by the former heavyweight champion but the coke still could be affecting him mentally or he could still be feeling the side effects of uppercutting himself. It would be interesting though to see how he would do after that time off. Floyd Mayweather came back from retirement before and look sensational but Fury is nowhere near the level of Mayweather.