Vic Darchinyan The Right Opponent For Nonito Donaire Because Donaire Has Trouble With Good Defensive Boxers?


    When the rematch between Nonito Donaire and Vic Darchinyan was announced many were left wondering “why?” Donaire soundly beat Darchinyan by a 5th round TKO the first time they met so there is no need for a rematch right especially with Darchinyan not seeming like the fighter he once was.

    Whether fans want the fight or not they are going to get it and there might be something in the matchmaking to look out for besides the fact that Top Rank is running thin in its list of their fighters to face Donaire so we may get to see some recycling of past opponents.

    Donaire has had trouble and looked unimpressive (to what fans expected of him after the Montiel KO) when he faces fighters that have good defense or can box well. We saw it with Narvaez who showed up to display defense and not try to win at all, Vasquez Jr. who came back and proved to cause some issues when he boxed and finally Rigondeaux who took Donaire to school.

    Sure the above names that I mentioned prior to Rigondeaux are nowhere close to Rigondeaux’s level but decent fighters have proven it.

    Darchinyan is an action fighter and Donaire has looked his best against action fighters and given their history this is a fight to rebuild Donaire’s confidence and make him shine as the fighter he was advertised as which will make Darchinyan the right opponent for Donaire.

    Donaire’s promoter Top Rank should instead try matching him with guys that are good action wise as well as being able to box to build up his ring intelligence.