What’s Next: Brandon Rios, Mike Alvarado and Gilberto Ramirez


brandon-rios-celebrates What’s Next?

Rios appeared more focused, conditioned and skilled in the third go around in a trilogy that will more than likely be tarnish by the last images of it. Rios also appeared to be more of a natural fit at welterweight. It appears he had more energy, Not having to excessively cut weight. We remember his previous attempts at making weight against Manny Pacquiao (nearly everyone looks bad against) and Diego Chaves after give or take an eight-month suspension in which rust showed. Simply put, this Rios looks like the Rios some thought could beat Pacquiao and showed promises of being a major star in the sport.

Top Rank has been highly invested in Rios for some time now, he’s a proven draw, so in my mind only one fight makes sense, Timothy Bradley. It is a borderline main event pay-per-view type fight. Also could easily be located at StubHub Center in Carson, CA as both fighters are from Southern California. Bradley is coming off a draw, that many felt was a dominant win on his behalf. Bradley is in need of a worthy foe as he merits a large purse. Rios fits the mold as well as the venue and stylistic matchup reminds people of the modern day classic between Timothy Bradley and Ruslan Provodnikov.

It would serve as a barometer as to where both fighters are going. Let’s face it both have been in some tough fights, and those tough fights are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Rios And Bradley aren’t getting any younger, and neither man is a spring chicken. At this point, both fighters are “names”, but are they still the future of the division. This is the type of fight that explains that.

Next Fight: Timothy Bradley

Gilberto Ramirez Boxer

Mike Alvarado – So this is barring Top Rank cutting Alvarado after his dreadful performance on Saturday. One would think his days, of being the “A-side”, are over, and that from now on he will be the opponent coming into every bout. Alvarado showed little to no effort or willingness to want be in the ring. So at this point his “name value” will be his saving grace. I fear he will turn into one of those guys who just keeps fighting well past his prime think of say Siarhei Liakhovich.

So for the sake of it we’ll assume that he stays under the Top Rank banner. A great fight could be could between Alvarado and Brad Solomon. Solomon is a 31-year-old signed to Top Rank, and has been fighting on undercards for a while, but has failed to truly gain traction. Solomon also doesn’t hit, relatively speaking in boxing terms, hard, but is a tremendous boxer and can keep nearly anyone off balance for the whole fight.

Soloman has also been dropped in his career as well so this bout could be a James Kirkland vs. Glen Tapia type vibe as Alvarado at least has power, when his brain is right. Alvarado seems destined to be that guy fighting just for the check and his ambivalent, and sad statements on HBO telecast lead no credence to empathy.

Next fight: Brad Solomon

Mike Alvarado v Brandon Rios III
Gilberto Ramirez – I hate to say it, but by hook or crook this has the makings of being Andre Ward’s return opponent. Ramirez is highly touted in the division. Even though labeled a prospect seems to be ripe to be rushed along a tad bit too quick. I will assume Top Rank will not allow the fight with Ward to be made and forgo that cynicism and move to another option. Having a foreigner come into face Ramirez in a WBC super middleweight eliminator. Although I would like it to be Callum Smith. Who like Ramirez is largely unknown with a lot of talent, I will go with the WBC’s ranking system and say they make the bout with George Groves.

The more I think about it, I think this fight is not that likely to happen, and the Smith fight could take place. If this is the ‘sport’, it ought to be this is the logical next step. Ramirez is top five by the four major governing bodies and should be fighting in a slightly higher profile fight in his next go.

Next fight: George Groves