Why Victor Ortiz Teamed Up with Joel Diaz


    image1-300x300Victor Ortiz plans to make his return into sport of boxing under the tutelage of Joel Diaz on December 13. Ortiz has been walking a tightrope in his boxing career as of late, but believes Diaz can guide him towards the pinnacle of the sport once again.

    Ortiz told Tha Boxing Voice  how he managed to team up with his newfound head trainer.

    “Diego [Magdaleno, a fighter who is trained by Joel Diaz], saw something in me. He said I think coach can help you man, and I said no way.”

    “Diego has been out there for a while, he’s asked me a few times, once Diego just said dude what do you have to lose. I went off to go fight in New York and it didn’t go so great. I came back and one day I just woke up and said screw it I’m going. I packed up my stuff and I guess yes you can definitely say Diego Magdaleno and Jessie are the reasons why I’m probably there.”

    Ortiz also noted he has known Diaz from his teenage years, and now considers him as an extended part of his family.

    “I’ve known coach Joel Diaz since I was 17 years old, I used to go out to Coachella to help out Julio Diaz at the time.”

    “It’s more than just boxing now, they are family and it’s pretty awesome.”

    Diaz certainly has an interesting task at hand to try and attempt to turn Ortiz’s career around. Whether the compatibility between the two upholds is uncertain, but if Ortiz can in fact rejuvenate his career, Diaz’s reputation of a trainer would certainly rise.