Williams: Trout’s Competition Won’t Earn Him A Title Shot


Julian_Williams_Ctr_Breadman_L_Rodriguez_R_Lg_Boxing - CopyJunior middleweight prospect Julian “J-Rock” Williams (18-0-1, 11 KOs) is fresh from his December 2014 stoppage victory against Jamar Freeman to claim the WBC Continental Americas super welterweight title, flooring Freeman three times before referee Robert Byrd called an end to the bout inside the eighth. Williams feels that he is ready to make the transition to becoming a contender for a world title, but this was far from the fight he needed.

While Freeman had won three consecutive bouts coming into his bout with Williams, the opponents he faced had a combined record of 35-95, with one fighter, Rashaan Abdul Blackburn, holding a record of 8-50. How in the world does one fighter get any form of a title shot fighting such God-awful opposition? Julian Williams does.

The zealous Williams may only have 18 professional bouts, but the 24-year old Philadelphia native pushed for an Austin Trout fight in 2014; he did not get it. Trout went on to fight Daniel Dawson and Luis Grajeda, winning both fights.

According to Williams it seems like a lot of higher-ranked fighters are avoiding him, Williams didn’t want to go as far to say that every fighter is ducking him, but acknowledges that attempts were made to get into the ring with Austin Trout, to no avail.

“I think it’s a little frustrating. I don’t know how much he (Trout) avoided me. You always hear rumors and stuff like that, but what I do know is that we offered the fight, and the fight didn’t get made. We took it. I really think Austin Trout is trying to milk it a little bit. He lost to the two best junior-middleweights in the world. He got a win over Cotto, which is good, it kept him afloat, but he had two comeback fights he’s talking about fighting Lara. He’s not getting a rematch with Lara. He lost every single round. I thought he did good with Canelo (Saul Alvarez), but he lost convincingly. He’s not getting a rematch with any of those guys, so to get some of the fights that he wants, he’ll have to go through a guy like me. Daniel Dawson is not getting him those fights. The kid named Grajeda is not getting him those fights. I’m ready whenever he’s ready. He might as well stop playing around and sign the contract to fight.”

It is very deceitful of Williams to tell fans that it is only Trout who is ducking. Even if Trout is ducking, Williams will have a hard time explaining why he fights such cruddy opposition. Eliezer Gonzalez came into his September 2014 bout with Williams 14-0 with nine knockouts. Let’s take a look at his line, shall we? Only one of his 14 wins came against guys with a winning record. Five of those came against guys who had never won a fight in their professional careers. With that being said, Julian Williams fights bums and until he stops doing so, people will actually take him seriously.