Terrell Gausha, Olympian with the Most Upside


It’s the eve of Terrell Gausha’s pro debut, stepping off the scales to redress and calling into the ThaBoxingvoice Radio for an interview with us. The stage is set the time is now the past is behind him; all that remains is the brightness of his future.

The brightness from the lights behind the cameras is particularly hot in order to have absolute HD quality, Showtime and their series ShoBox The next Generation which showcases the 2012 Olympians as they embark in a new journey.

The new task at hand has come for Terrel Gausha and his Olympic teammates; a new chapter to be written in the story of the life that is Mr. Gausha beginning with his pro debut his pro career tomorrow. One can only imagine the pressure he’s under to look amazing tonight. But Terrell doesn’t see that way.

“It’s definitely not any pressure for me this is what I train day in and day out for, I have high expectations for myself and I just like to live up to the expectations because I believe that I am one of the best and I love to go out there and prove to the world why I’m one of the best,” expressed Gausha.


Gausha is confronted with making the transition from amateurs to pros, one of those obstacles is making weight, and it’s completely different fighting at middleweight in the amateurs which is a weight of 165 pounds, opposed to the pro middle weight limit of 160 pounds. “It’s a difference in the amateurs you weigh in and fight in the same day, The difference is now you have a whole day to weigh in and recuperate, rehydrate and get back right,” said Gausha.


Gausha had some bad luck in the 2012 Olympics in a fight where many felt he deserved the nod for the win, but his style always seems to show he was better suited for the professional level. Turning pro was something that was always recommended to Terrell, deciding not to turn pro three years ago to achieve his goal of going to the 2012 Olympics proves to be fruitful in his decision. Now he’s signed with power house advisor Al Haymon and working with Golden Boy Promotions.


“It was definitely the right decision as a man you have to stand by your word and follow what you believe in, and at the end of the day I took the good with the bad, I just take the whole experience and run with because now more people know who I am, more people know about Terrell Gausha and they’ve seen some of my talents now I’m in the door so I just take this whole experience as a plus.


“That was the goal I set for myself was to be with a good team I didn’t know for sure if I was going to be with [AL Haymon] him but that was definitely a good look,” Explained Gausha.



Terrell Gausha competed in WSB [World Series of Boxing] so he has that in ring experience somewhat of a pro because WSB competed without shirts and headgear. “I have a lot of experience and I did get a chance to fight in the WSB which gave me somewhat of a look as to how it would be in the pros. It is the closest thing I could get to actually fighting a Professional fight.” Gausha told ThaBoxingVoice.com


Terrell is one of many Olympians trying to start off on the right foot, but he seems to have the skillset necessary to be successful in the sport of boxing.