Adrien Broner Looking To Make “The Moment” His


In December of last year Adrien “The Problem” Broner not only took his biggest step up in competition but he managed to fall two steps back when he faced up against Marcos Maidana. He lost the unanimous decision and was floored twice in the process. Days after the fight Broner took to twitter stated that he only wants to fight Maidana and he wanted the immediate rematch. Jump a few months after that, Maidana (understandably) went another direction and now is fighting boxing mega-star Floyd Mayweather instead.

Broner will now be making his anticipated return on the undercard of “The Moment” May 3rd at the MGM grand when he takes on Carlos Molina. Unfortunately this fight is being pegged as a showcase fight for former Welterweight champion Broner but for Molina this wouldn’t be his first time in this position.

In December of 2012 Molina was used as an opponent to rebuild the dwindling career of Amir Khan after he suffered a knockout loss to Danny Garcia earlier that year. Khan retired Molina after the 9th round. Now with Broner on the other side of a loss he feels that not only did he learn from the mistakes he made  in the Maidana fight but he learned a lot about himself and what he has on the inside in the process. Broner stated, “Anybody taking a loss that I did, it would probably break them.  But coming from where I come from, I’m strong mentally and physically so I’m OK.  I’m personally proud of myself.”

It’s undeniable that competitively Broner has a lot to prove to the fans but with all the extra attention that being on “The Moment” undercard will garnish and the statement he wants to make, he says he is one fight away from being back to where he once was, “After this fight they will see that I’m still ‘The Problem.’ Anybody can get it in the ring. I’m still the same guy.”

This will be Broner’s first fight at Jr. Welterweight; a weight division in which he jumped over in search of the title shot with Malignaggi. It also should be notated that Molina is a career lightweight (135lb) but he did move up to Jr. Welterweight for the Khan fight.

Not only does Broner not think that making the Jr. Welterweight limit won’t be a problem but he thinks that he can float between many weight classes comfortably without any downsides physically. “For me, I’m naturally a lightweight.  I can fight in the upper weight class.  I’ve got the skills to do it. The weight at 140 was not a problem and being mentally sound is not a problem.  I’m focused in the gym, I’ve got a great support system.” He continued “I can hit regardless.  It doesn’t matter what weight I fight.  I can still hit.  So, I will showcase my talent and my speed and my power May 3 and I’ll you guys decide.”