Andre Berto Says Victor Ortiz Rematch Is Possible


    1217_andre-berto_400x280_ap(1)For quite some time the tension between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz has seemed to be gradually rising. At any point when one of the two is asked about the other they seem ready to fight each other but is it more than just who wins and who loses? Is there something personal between the two? From the reaction Tha Boxing Voice got from Berto recently when asked about Ortiz is seems like there is animosity between the two.

    “He’s in the house somewhere,” said Berto when asked about Ortiz. “He better not walk up on me and say anything to me.”

    Ortiz makes his in ring return after a stoppage loss to Luis Collazo earlier this year and Berto will definitely have his eye on that fight. Will boxing fans be treated to a rematch from their spectacular fight that happened two and a half years ago? According to Berto it’s possible.

    “If he wins on Saturday night it can definitely be possible.”