Andre Dirrell Believes He Had Had Influence In Mark Breland Throwing In The Towel In Fury-Wilder 2


    When Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fought for the first time there was an electricity in the air and by the end of the fight fans were left in awe of what had transpired. When the rematch was announced we expected round 13 from where the first fight left off but in reality it was the Tyson Fury show.

    Fury walked Wilder down and beat him badly throughout the fight. One of Wilder’s coach’s Mark Breland threw the towel into the ring after Wilder had suffered many brutal rounds and knockdowns and that was the end of their relationship personally and professionally.

    Conspiracies and accusations came from near and afar that Fury there were two in particular that involved Breland. The first one was that he spiked Wilder’s water. The second involves Andre Dirrell.

    The belief that some have is that Dirrell has a connection to the Kronk gym in Detroit so he convinced Breland to throw the towel in and in doing so it would be a huge win for the gym. According to Dirrell that is not the case.

    Dirrell spoke to TBV and stated that he did suggest to Breland to throw in the towel but he was not the only one that felt that way. His concern was for the well being of Wilder.

    “Out of the two brothers I’m the sympathetic one and it was me standing there in the eighth or ninth round telling Mark Breland to throw in the towel.,” Dirrell told TBV. “You live to fight another day to quote the great [John] Witherspoon. He was taking too much punishment. There was nothing he could do. If you look down in the crowd you can see one of the Charlo’s trying to wave it off; talking about stopping it. If you look closely you can see someone veer off to the other side of the ring talking about wave the fight off. Meanwhile, I was in the corner the last two round telling Mark Breland to throw in the towel.”

    Did Dirrell hold influence over Breland? He feels he may have had some but at the end of the day they were both grown men and nobody forced anyone to do anything. The main issue was making sure Wilder was not taking too much punishment so that he could live to fight another day.

    “I do believe I had some influence in doing so. If you look at the main reason Deontay Wilder got into boxing at 21,22 years old was to take care of his daughter. Can he do that now? Absolutely! He can retire and live a great life and take care of his daughter and whoever else he needs to take care of. If he wants to come back stronger we have to give him the opportunity to do that as well. You don’t want to take too much unnecessary punishment if you don’t have to. The only reason I say that is this; probably three or four reasons. Deontay had no legs. He told us all. His main excuse was his suit was too heavy. You could be doing squats and then get in the ring and spar. You can do all kinds of work and you can get in the ring and work all day round to round to round. If you let your psyche get the best of you and tell you the suit was too heavy then that’s just what it is. I do believe the suit was too heavy. I do believe he believe that affected him. So that’s the reason to throw in the towel and say ok man we gonna get him the next time. You getting punished. Your ear is bleeding that’s the main reason i stepped into the corner because his ear was bleeding. I did not know what caused that but that’s not a normal situation and I’ve never seen that outside a Deontay Wilder fight. He had no legs to shoot off power shots. Everything was working against Deontay Wilder that fight.”

    Does Dirrell feel bad about the suggestion he gave Breland? Absolutely not. He would do it a million times for a million fighters as someone has to look out for their well being. At the end of the day the most important thing is going home to your family in as good of condition that you can.