Angel Garcia Favors Cotto over Golovkin


    Angel-GarciaDuring preparations for his son Danny’s up-coming fight against Rod Salka, Angel Garcia took some time out to speak to Tha Boxing Voice and when he was asked what he thought of a Cotto/Golovkin unification fight he didn’t hesitate to favor the Puerto-Rican to win the fight over 12 rounds.

    “Honestly, Cotto should do it (take the fight), but Cotto’s got to be smart, he can’t go in there and slug, he got to box this guy (Golovkin) and hit with everything explained Garcia. “He got hit with 50 jabs in two rounds against Geale. All Cotto’s got to do is use his jab, be smart, step around and grab him, as soon as he tries to get off. Cotto’s got to have 12 good rounds in him, cause he’s going to come, come, come, come, that’s all he’s going to do. He’s going to look for that big punch and all Cotto’s got to do is make him miss that big punch, take it away every-time, get off, step over, grab him. If Cotto do that, the fight will be all his all night”.

    Although there is a lot of hype surrounding Gennady Golovkin right now, these tactics don’t sound too dissimilar to those employed by Danny Garcia when he was successful as a big underdog against another hyped up heavy hitter, Lucas Matthysse. They worked in that fight so what’s to say they wouldn’t work for Miguel and let’s not forget we have yet to see GGG against elite opposition.