Why Sergio Mora Should Be Next For Golovkin


    Gennady Golovkin is HBO’s white knight right now. It has been proven that his power is legit and yet he is relatively unproven on the big stage. How is this possible? Golovkin who has picked up impressive knockout victories over gatekeepers in the middleweight division. This brings up a valid point, is he a Floyd Mayweather type talent making his division competition look weak? Is he simply fighting foes who do what he is best suited to defeat, foes who stand in front of him and bang?

    The verdict is out. Golovkin does what he needs to do. Foes who are below him get knocked out and in dominant fashion. The problem is we have to be skeptical since Golovkin has yet to face anyone in the top five of the division and even more, has yet to face a true boxer. Fighters appear mentally defeated before engaging with Golovkin in battles. Think of Macklin and the lore of “being the boogieman.”   I think the next logical progression is someone who does not want to trade and someone who could make it an ugly, but boring fight.

    Enter former Contender star, Sergio Mora. He went through a bit of trouble since getting a draw against “Sugar” Shane Mosley on a PPV that was supposed to be his break out fight. Then he fought Brian Vera. There is a rumor he was at a strip club the night before that fight. Mora is not the man people thought could be the champion, also best known for the highly popular TV show, The Contender, as he won the first season. Mora is a slick fighter, who makes each round a swing round, but never has been outclassed in a fight. With his signing to DiBella the fight with HBO just seems flat out logical.

    Mora offers two things we rarely against foes of triple G, lateral movement and a jab. The telling sign of the Curtis Stevens fight was that even with Stevens’ awkward jab in the fourth and fifth round he began to move Golovkin back. Mora does not have that kind of power, but he also is a guy who will throw a jab so often that it will become like a mosquito you can’t quite get away from your face. Mora is annoying, patient and unwilling to fight any other fight than his own.

    Golovkin has done everything right up until this point and is riding the biggest hype of any HBO fighter outside of Ruslan Provodnikov.  In a perfect world, Golovkin would face Martin Murray and then Miguel Cotto. Sergio Martinez would face the winners. With Darren Barker fighting in Germany against Felix Sturm and Murray’s inability to get into the United States, it seems that he is all but destined to fight the winner of that bout and/or Danny Geale sometime soon, leaving us back at square one.

    If we cannot get the best fighting let’s get an interesting matchup. That means a match up with a wily veteran vs. a young buck who seems destined for stardom. For the cynics to be put to rest we need to see a match up that could potentially test Golovkin. Feeding Golovkin a similar type power puncher or undersized middleweights does him and his fans a disservice. Let’s see a Sergio Mora fight and see who Golovkin fights before we pass judgment one way or another.