Chicago’s Hitz Boxing Prospects


Cruiser weights Dimar Ortuz met UFC  veteran Terry Martin both sporting undefeated 5-0 records. Martins eyes never left Ortuz as soon as they entered the squared circle. Ortuz not fazed by the intimidation attempt. Martin starts the fight looking only for the ko, while Ortuz is out boxing him.  Martin shows tyson-esk head movement in round 2, dodging some jabs and trying to get inside. Ortuz is smothering all punches that come his way and negating all Martins power. Martin fighting more desperately in round three throwing prayers. Forgetting to cover up after one of the prayers Martin is left wide open and Ortuz is knocked out standing up, his eyes still open. The ref tries to stop it but Martin is hit again which causes all three men in the ring to go down. Martin is wishing he stayed in the UFC right about now. Ortuz showed his fighting smarts and left this writer very impressed.

As Jimmy Murphy begins his pro debut entrance I thought I was in Ireland as the Horshoe Casino went nuts for him. Kato  started  with a haymaker as Murphy’s eyes got knocked into the back of his head. Murphy never recovered,he spent all of round one out on his feet or on the canvas. The fight should be stopped by now. I was sitting in Murphy’s corner and between rounds I could hear his corner slapping him trying to get him to come to his senses. Some how Murphy reached down deep and hit Kato with a bodyshot and down goes Kato! He never gets up and Murphy wins by KO. Wow that was the shocker of the night.

Featherweight Adam Ortiz (4-0) show cased his skills against Salvador Perez (2-1-2). Surprised by Ortiz, who is just outclassing Perez. Only hole in his game is that he lets Perez tag him so he can try to counter. Ortiz was stunned by a overhand right. Ortiz defense tightened up thereafter as he controlled the rest of round 2. He may have some defensive flaws but I see this kid going far.Ortiz just stole the show and walked away with a unanimous decision victory.

 Antwun Echols (32-18-4), the crafty veteran met Chicago sensation Mike Jimenez (7-0). Jimenez skills were just too much for Echols from the beginning. Don “The Bomb” George yelling instructions to his boy Jimenez but he needs no advice. Jimenez hurts Echols with every blow. Echols is overwhelmed not only by Jimenez power but his speed as well and almost falls out of the ring onto my lap at ringside. Jimenez picks his shots and works around any defense Echols has to offer. In round 3, Jimenez making everything seemingly look easy, controlling everything including the crowd. He stops Echols with ease, Chicago has a bright new star and the world of boxing gains an enormous prospect.

Chicago has some great talent brewing. If you love boxing and are in or around the Chicago area, you have to check out Hitz Boxing in the Horseshoe Casino when they return in Febuary. Photos provided by Photacy Phototgraphy. Follow me as I tweet live about fights @lucasbiggers213.